My morning of reflection, and the first though that crosses my mind is something along the lines of wow, where did this week go. Friday is staring me in the face and the weekend is looming. So far I have had an awesome week, I knew I would, but I feel that I have learnt and grown as a person. i have learn’t things about myself and how I interact with people. I find that been aware of thoughts, feelings and emotions keep me living in the presence. I plan for tommorow but I don’t worry about it, I work hard and get things done as quick as possible but I have learn’t not to rush a descion, I put more effort into listening to my heart than my head. That way I tend to understand people on a deeper level. This week I realized that sometimes you have been sent into someones life so that they might learn something about who there are, and it put me in an uncomfortable position. However once I realised that a breakthrough was made I saw the situation from a different light and I learnt something myself. Life works in misterious ways yet it is so predictable. Funny to me that makes perfect sense, however I cannot explain it in words I just know it and feel it.

Two days till weekend, weekends are no longer the highlight of my life. I really enjoy them because that is family time and my time, but I also enjoy my work days equally. Each day is now precious and valuable to me. Each day is a blessing. I have been focussing of the things I am gratefull for and realise that my entire life is filled with abundant joy, love, enegry and physical manifestations thereof.

Hi ho hi ho its off to work I go, whilst the majority of people are busy waking up I am rady to take on today and experience it for all it will offer.


About Dylan Murray

just an ordinary chap on a mission to enjoy life, and live to my full potential. I am a father of three and a friend to many. I live and work in a little piece of paradise we like to call The Kowie. I have a keen sense of adventure and I enjoy the outdoors. I share my life and adventures with Tania, who is my Soul Mate, Lover, Companion and fellow Adventurer. Together we are creating our legacy and loving this journey called life.
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