Life well lived

Your childlike you is your greatest muse.
Often one looks for external stimulus to get oneself going, a motivator to help you choose a direction, an event to show you the correct path to choose. In time of despreation one will even create real life scenarios to help you get to where you want to be.
Over the past few weeks, which has felt like a few months, I have come to realize that the answers are generally best found within myself. However without love, guidance and direction from those around me I would have battled even longer. There is nothing wrong with using a combination of internal and external advice, and some battles cannot be fought alone.
For me life is about finding out who I am and living true to myself. It is not about gathering wealth, been the most popular or having the best of everything. I am here to live a life of purpose, a life of my choosing and a life that does not cause hurt and harm to others.
A year ago I was in a terribly uncorfortable comfort zone, with help I managed to get motivated to focus on family, work and myself. Family and work were easy, focussing on myself was scary though. I had to deal with thoughts, feelings, emotions and past decisions that I had just chosen to ignore. Litle by little I peeled back layers all in my own time. It felt like I was been guided down a path my an invisible hand, I would read a book that I never heard of and it would fit right in with my current experience, I would watch a movie and something in the plot would jump out at me and say wake up and choose your life. An old friend phoned out the blue with some insight he had in life and felt he needed to share it with me even though we hadn’t spoken for years. These things happen and fortunately (or not if one chooses not to change)  I was aware of these things. Maybe it was just because I was searching, maybe the time was just right and I had to face these facts.
I could have done things differently but I didn’t, I unintentionally hurt those closest to me, my family and friends that cared for me. Making choices can be the most difficult thing in the world, if we make them difficult, it can also be as simple as getting into bed after a long day.
So what have I learnt? Firstly that people care deeply for me, I have an amazing support team that will stand by me even when my choice does not seem right to them. I see that my life is good and that it is worth making the most of. Life is short and I have to live it my way in order to be who I truely am. And importantly there are no wrong choices, choices merely lead us along a different path that ultimatley ends up at the same destination. It is now up to me to enjoy the journey as the destination arrives by itself regardless of what I choose. I am free to change my mind about anything and I know that everything keeps moving regardless.
Ther is a huge sense of joy and relief in my life now that I truely understand that there are no mistakes. I feel free to try new things and to live a full life. I know that ever action has a reaction and by choosing the action that is true to who I am, I can predict the reaction that results. Therefore I am the creator of my own destiny and the captain of my own ship.

I will change the world, I will leave a legacy that lives long after I have reached the end of my journey. I will write my book (which has slowly started) I will live my legacy everyday. I will create the life of my choosing, consciously every minute of everyday. And you are all free to do the same. My challenge to you then is to find someone or something that will help you see your life for what it really is. Be it a church, hobby, spouse, child, coach or that deep truth within yourself. You owe it to yourself to live the live you are meant to live. We are not here by accident and therefore we have a purpose. Go out and find yours. As for me I am heading out to go live mine.


About Dylan Murray

just an ordinary chap on a mission to enjoy life, and live to my full potential. I am a father of three and a friend to many. I live and work in a little piece of paradise we like to call The Kowie. I have a keen sense of adventure and I enjoy the outdoors. I share my life and adventures with Tania, who is my Soul Mate, Lover, Companion and fellow Adventurer. Together we are creating our legacy and loving this journey called life.
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