About Dylan

I was born in the world’s most beautiful city, Cape Town. While a young boy my family moved to the Eastern Cape where I grew up on a small holding in a farming community. I attended a small farm school which had about 17 pupils and then when off to board at the boys school,  Graeme College, for my senior school years.

I travelled for a few years after school exploring first the Wild Coast of South Africa before embarking on a trip to Australia and New Zealand.  I then studied a B.Comm at Rhodes University but dropped out in my second year to pursue my traveling. Later I took on a job in the family business to fund my travels however, my path took an unexpected turn and traveling was put on hold. I then chose to follow in my father’s footsteps and build the family business.

I am a father, a son, a brother and a lover. Living in the coastal town of Port Alfred South Africa, I have a variety of interests ranging from adventuring, endurance sports, reading and personal development to exploring the mysteries of the mind, body and spirit. I am currently writing about the biggest and best adventure I have embarked on, LIFE!

I live with my partner who inspires me and was the person that encouraged me to start blogging. You can follow her blog at http://taniamadams.com/ where Tania writes about life, inspiration and thought provoking trends.

Three years after starting my blog I am starting to take it a little more seriously. I have been writing in journals for years but they end up all in drawers, boxes or the trash. I now have a platform to keep it all together and share it with others who choose to peek into the things that make me tick.

Feel free to browse around, drop me a message or comment on a post. Most of all enjoy the reading.


2 Responses to About Dylan

  1. Graeme Baker says:

    Hi Dylan

    Thought you might want to change, ‘I has embarked on’ to ‘I have embarked on’.

    Cool Blog – I too am passionate about passive income – would be great to chat over coffee sometime.

    Graeme Baker


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