Summertime and the living’s easy

“Summer time and the living is easy” I love that line from the band Sublime. I am sure it originates from somewhere else, but Sublime introduced me to that phrase when I had just finished school and the living was easy.

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What gets you up in the morning? What drives you? Everyone likes to bandy about fancy words and quotes from the latest motivational books.  How often do you hear thing like: “Ahhh bru, you must follow your passion.” “A life not lived is a life wasted.” “Dream big and live the life of your dreams.”  “Stay positive man.” I can hear myself saying these things.

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Closing the Chapters

Over the school holidays the girls watched the movie Frozen again, and that song “Let it go” always gets stuck in my head. It is a very catchy tune but the only words I can seem to recall are “let it go….”

That is a powerful motto. Let go of the things that no longer serve you. Let go of negative emotions. Let go of periods in your life that you have out grown. Let go of worry and stress.

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Greed, it is like a cancer in our society. I am rather fustrated with this terrible human trait. One cannot seem to escape it and I think it is time that we as a society take a stand against greed.
No more greedy leaders.
No more big business hiding profits and treating staff unfairly.
No more greed where people are trying to gain at the expense of someone else.

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The past seven months have been a time of deep reflection for me. I have always taken time to reflect on things but this year in particular I have really searched deep within myself. It has been a kind of spring clean of the mind and emotions for me. I have purposefully chosen to stop doing many of the things I used to do out of habit and started to question my reasons for doing the things I did. Continue reading

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servant leadership: for the sake of our humanity

Source: servant leadership: for the sake of our humanity

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Sometimes I get stuck. I guess we all do, and lately I have been a little stuck. It is not a nice place to operate from. It is not healthy, productive or fun. Yet somehow we end up finding ourselves here, well at least I do from time to time. Why this happens I do not know, it is frustrating and at times very depressing and still I go there. Life’s little niggles get me down, the worry about not having money to pay the rent this month, the worry about the client that you risk losing after trying your best to meet their needs, the fear of not living life to the full and squandering opportunities.  As I write this my list seems to be rather easy to populate. Getting stuck in a rut and having a pity party almost comes naturally when one is in this space.

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