Losing my mind


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Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, Warrior Tribe: We all get second chances

If you scared of failure you need to listen to this.


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Will 2019 be YOUR best year?

For the past few years, I keep promising myself that next year will be my year. Things will be better next year. Things will go smoother, I will get fit again. Next year is the year of the body. Next year I will make a difference.

I know that I am not alone. So many people that I engage with have the same story. Next year will be THE year. Yet, life doesn’t seem to play like that.

There are only 51 days left this year. That is 7 weeks that we have left to ensure that we complete all our goals of 2018. Is that enough time for you to ensure that 2018 was the best year ever? You have 1224 hours left, how are you going to spend them?

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The launch of the Warrior Tribe

It has been 7 days since I started my 30-day online business challenge. I have been dedicated to working hard on this concept and cutting through all the empty promises that are out there. I never expected a quick fix or easy buck, but there are many people out there promising just that. Continue reading

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Don’t give up

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, my everyday is a holiday – Dylan in Port Alfred: The Warrior and defeat https://anchor.fm/my-everyday-is-a-holiday-/episodes/The-Warrior-and-defeat-e2hmdr

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My Journey to Personal Growth – The Conclusion

Continued from Part 3 ….

Hampi was a completely new world for me. A new world which was thousands of years old. The history alone is uninterrupted from the 7th century. Walking around through the many abandoned temples and structures I could not help but imagine the people that built these magnificent structures.

The massive slabs of stone that were quarried and carried to the sight. There were large temples situated on top of rocky hilltops that were an effort to climb up. Imagine the effort that went into getting the stone up there. The carvings on the stone pillars were amazing, the symmetry of columns and fine detail of scenes, each telling a story, intricately carved into the hard granite and marble stone.

Here I was rushing along my life chasing toward some unknown destination, always in a hurry to get the task at hand complete so that I can get going on the next task because I knew that after that the next task was already waiting. Looking at these ancient buildings and massive statues that surrounded me I came to the realization that for some of the craftsman, a single statue or a single temple pillar could have been a life’s work. Imagine that, your entire life, dedicated to carving out a single chunk of stone. Hammer blow by hammer blow the craftsman turned massive boulders into avatars of their God. I would get frustrated when my computer started too slowly or a program would not open instantly. Here these people could spend possibly half a day just sharpening their chisels so that they could get back to work. How did they measure their progress? Did they have the time pressure to get the job done? A slight slip of the chisel or a missed time strike of the hammer could ruin years’ worth of work. Imagine the concentration, the patience, the commitment that these skilled masons had. In Hampi, you will find flights of stairs carved out of the mountainside, a path for worshipers and the monks to make their way to the top of the mountain. A path to the temple. The ramparts for the fortresses, built with such huge blocks of granite that it would seem impossible to move without modern machinery. Some of these structures must have taken generations to build.

Patience, commitment, precision. The journey, not the destination. Hammer blow by hammer blow, the city was constructed over generations of people. There is a certain romantic beauty about the speed that life moved in those days. For all I know, the people might have worked under the most terrible working conditions. And that I guess is the thing with us people. We have this yearning for that which we do not have. If I was alive in that time, I might have found my work tedious and unfulfilling. Yet here I was, somehow romanticizing about an age long gone and far away from the demons that had chased me here.

And then Hampi was raided in 1565 and the stone masons would have to down their tools and pick up weapons. All the hard work had come to an end, the craftsman were transformed into warriors. Now the task was no longer creating it was defending and destroying. The residents of Hampi lost the battles. Much of Hampi was destroyed. Yet the people continued to worship in the temples. They regrouped after the fall of Hampi and carried on. The glory of Hampi was no longer on such a grand scale, yet the spirit survived.

Patient Craftsmen, Religious Monks, Devoted Worshipers, Fierce Warriors, Farmers, Traders, Children. Hampi was a fully functioning ancient city.

My life seemed to lack many of these virtues. I had nothing to fight for, my country was not at war. I had no grand temple that I was patiently building, there was no task that involved absolute precision with every move that I made. My life felt as empty as some of the ruins that I was wandering through. Empty, neglected, ruins. However, much like the ruins that surrounded me, the main structure still stood. The foundations were strong. The walls secure, the roofs still sturdy on the trusses. The finer details worn down but the years of nature and neglect. That was kind of like my life. I had a solid foundation. My walls were strong and I had a roof. In fact, whilst sitting on top of the mountain top watching the sunrise with a group of complete strangers from all over the world, I realized that I had a wonderful framework to build on. I could decorate how I wanted to. I could paint with bright colors and broad strokes. I could plant gardens and hang rich tapestries. I was waking up to the realization that this was not the end. This was a new beginning. I could lay dormant like many of the old Hampi ruins, or I could rebuild and redecorate and keep on going like the main temples of Hampi. The shining pride of the old city, still standing in all its glory.

Mountain Temple

So here I am, 6 months after my trip. I have the determination that I had when I started work in my early 20’s. I have the same passion that I had when I first made love to my girlfriend. I have the energy and excitement that I had when I walked out of my final exam after 12 years at school. I have a greater sense of adventure now than I did when I took my first steps out of the airport in Perth 20 odd years ago.

My breakdown was not the end of me. It was simply the inevitable outcome of a life that was not fully lived. My breakdown had become my breakthrough. I had realized that from that very moment I was faced with a blank canvass and I got to choose what to paint on it. Every single day, I had a new canvass that I could paint on. I could paint and paint and paint until I understood that it is the act of painting that becomes the joy not the complete painting hanging on my wall. The complete painting is just a reminder of the joy that I had along the journey.



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One Day Until Launch

Tomorrow I start my new business. I have finally got an idea, well sort of, so I will sleep on it tonight and then get going tomorrow evening.

I could have chosen a better time to start though. The next 2 days I have a full schedule. My first client is at 06:30 am, and then followed by a full day of training and preparation. Friday is a day of travel as Tania and I are facilitating a strategic growth session in Port Elizabeth and then quickly head back as we have a 06:30 interview for a coaching seminar that is being run in the UK.

So, I will most likely struggle to get my 2 hrs a day in, but that is all part of this exercise. The people that often need the extra income do not have the luxury of time as they are engaged in work, travel or a second job.

I have had a couple of suggestions from people some better than others. So, after two days of searching (more like 2 hours in total) and some tips in my inbox these are my options.

Monetizing my Blog – As it is already live this seemed like a likely possibility

Affiliate Marketing – I would need a website and traffic but doable

Consulting – Not something that I think I have the skill set for

Setting up an E-Commerce Store – Building a website and driving traffic again

Event Planning – Too much admin for me. Far too much admin

Network Marketing – Tried this once before when I was younger, and it didn’t work out

Online English Teacher – Trading Time for Money was not my idea behind this

Subscription Dating Website – No Interest on my part

Social Media Manager – Run Social Media Campaigns for companies

Data Capturer – Once again Trading Time for Money

Remote Marketing Sales Agent – Commission Only, lots of cold calling

Direct Selling – Not sure what that entails.

There are a range of companies out there offering all sorts of products, services, and remuneration.

On asks for a R 30.00 monthly fee and through a fully automated web system, it will run your business for you and you will earn between R 20’000 and R 40’000 within the first 3 months, and the best part The System Does The Work For You. Well hello then, if you created and owned the system, why would and it runs itself why would you need agents?

I have never really looked at these online or work from home business seriously. There are definitely some ridiculous claims out there, and the more outrageous the claim, the more unbelievable the testimonial. It all those testimonials were true, I think a large portion of our parliament would quite the legislature and take up these online offers.

Anyway, tonight I will sleep on it. Tomorrow is the first day of my “challenge”.

I am not going to bore everyone with the details of how it is going. I will find a way to get the message out only to those who choose to follow the journey.

I will create a link in my next blog post and on my Facebook page for people to follow the events as they unfold.

Keep a look out for the link or notification if you are interested. I will post the results early December to let everyone how it turned out.






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